Monitor water tank levels remotely Measure soil moisture content and temperature trends Record accurate weather conditions on your property Store and export your farm data to other systems Monitor trough and creek levels Develop your own advanced farm software using our powerful APIs

Smart Elements is a system of products that boost your time by eliminating the need to manually check your farms most important assets. By deploying a wide variety of sensors that report back to a very simple online dashboard, you can save money by making fast and informed decisions based on real time conditions.

Long Range

No more driving out for an hour to check on that water tank every day.  Up to 20km line of sight range from Node to Base Station.

Long Life

No need to head back out and change batteries after a few weeks. You can get years of battery life with Smart Elements sensors.

Sensor Variety

A large variety of sensors work with our system, from tank level monitors to weather stations and plenty more.
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Sensors are the nervous system of your farm.  We have integrated a huge range of sensors to monitor tanks, measure soil moisture content, check if pumps are actually running, plus more.

A common myth is that setting up a ‘telecommunications network’ is a really difficult thing to do. It is actually as simple as buying a Smart Elements Base Station and turning it on to connect up to 200 Nodes.

Great hardware is not much use if it doesn’t give you the data you need.  Smart Elements devices all report back to the internet to give you easy access to your data via a simple online dashboard or powerful APIs.

Made for the elements.

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