Base Station

Your gateway to an entirely connected farm.

The Base Station is the heart of your connected farm. It is connected to the internet via 3G, and actively listens for any Smart Elements sensors reporting via private LoRa network (long range, low power radio technology). Super simple to setup and install, the base station creates your own network across your farm in minutes.  Until now it has only been commercially possible to monitor a few high value items due to cost, power, size and range limitations.  The Base Station enables you to get the complete picture, enhance productivity and lower risk.



The Base Station listens and talks to the Sensors around your property and sends their data to the online dashboard, or your own software endpoint.

  • The Base Station is able to receive signals up to 20km in line-of-sight conditions making it possible to cover many properties with only one device. 
  • Constructed from machined aluminium, military grade components and designed by the same engineering team who have developed products for Blackhawk helicopters and mission critical explosives systems.
  • 3G backhaul with an option for a high gain antenna for getting reception in areas of poor cellular reception.  WiFi backhaul option coming soon.
  • Available in 433MHz and 915MHz versions.


Set-up and Installation

Installing a Base Station is similar to setting up a portable electric fence, you simply mount it on a pole and plug it in.  Mount it in a location with 3G coverage and connect power – either a wired DC power pack (included) or a 12V Solar Kit (sold separately).  Range is maximised when installed on a high and clear area on your property. 


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