Blue Node

Providing low power connectivity to all sensors.

Cutting edge low power design, rugged body and plug & play connector interface the Blue Node utilises the latest in long range communications technology.  Out of the box the Blue Node reports sensor sensor data back to the Cloud via the Base Station (or via LoRaWAN) without needing any complex setup – simply plug in your sensor of choice and tighten the bracket.

Available in private LoRa configuration (433MHz and 915MHz) and LoRaWAN versions.



Water and dust resistant: IP67 rating
Designed for the outdoors: weather and UV resistant
Wide device operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Shock and vibration resistant
Up to 10 years operational life (dependant on reporting frequency and sensor type)
Robust and durable 17A/hr primary battery (lithium-thionyl chloride)

4-20mA current loop
0-12 V high resolution (12-bit) analog input
4 x digital I/O with independent interrupt and tick count capability

Power Output
Switched 5V DC up to 90mA
Switched 12V DC up to 35mA
Battery direct (nominally 3.6V)

Network Radio Options
LoRa (LX Private LoRa) 433MHz or 915MHz
LoRaWAN (The Things Network)
LoRaWAN (Actility AS923)

Power Supply
Internal 3.6V primary lithium-thionyl chloride battery (17A/hr), or
External 3.3V supply (±0.2V, 500mA)

For more info, check our Blue Node User Manual.


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