Developer Kit

Start collecting data from your farm.

The Smart Elements Dev Kit is the simplest way to start collecting real data from your property. We have bundled up a Base Station and Range Tester, along with two standard sensors to deploy with two Blue Nodes. As soon as you power the basestation and plug in a sensor to a Blue Node, you can view event data on the Smart Elements Dashboard, or also subscribe to the events API.



The Smart Elements Base Station listens and talks to the Smart Elements Sensors around your property and sends their information to your Smart Elements online dashboard.

  • Smart Elements operate on the very latest cutting edge ultra-long range ultra-low power radio technologies enabling the deployment of small low-cost units with remarkable battery life (10+ years).
  • Our Base Station is able to receive signals from over 20km in line-of-sight conditions making it possible to cover many properties with only one device. 
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty, the Base Station is constructed from machined aluminium, military grade components and designed by the same engineering team who have developed products for Blackhawk helicopters and mission critical explosives systems.

Until now it has only been commercially possible to monitor a few high value items due to cost, power, size and range limitations.  A Base Station enables you to get the complete picture, enhance productivity and lower risk.


Set-up and Installation

Installing a Base Station is very similar to setting up a portable electric fence; simply mount it in a location that has 3G coverage and connect power – either a wired DC power pack (included) or a 12V Solar Kit (sold separately).  Range is maximised when installed on a high and clear area on your property. 




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