Electric Fence Monitor

Simple voltage sensing and reporting.

Monitor the status and voltage of your electric fence remotely with this simple monitoring device. Package includes a 3m node cable and installation instructions.



Tech Specs

  • Monitors the peak pulse voltage from any electric fence
  • Low power drain from 10-24 VDC (12V nominal)
  • Output data proportional to 0-10KV peak fence voltage with 4 pulse filtering
  • Fence input rated up to 10KV
  • Contains opto isolation as required under IEC60335.2.76, CSA60335.2.76, AS/NZS60335.2.76
  • LED bar graph voltage display
  • Low fence voltage alarm set point or automatic self-setting
  • Adjustable calibration
  • IP65 weather proof enclosure

For complete technical specifications and installation instructions, please refer to the relevant sections of the user manual.


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