Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 10m

Install in the roof of your grain silos or water tanks to measure the distance down to the internal level and gauge capacity with a cost effective, simple to install ultrasonic sensor. Utilising the MaxBotix HRXL series, the ultrasonic ranger is an ideal solution for applications
requiring precision range-finding, low-voltage operation, space saving, low-cost, and IP67 rating for weather resistance.

This sensor line features 1-mm resolution, target-size and operating-voltage compensation for improved accuracy, superior rejection of outside noise sources, and internal speed-of-sound temperature compensation. Kit includes rugged aluminium housing, mounting bracket and 3m Blue Node cable.



  • Detection out 10-meters
    Resolution of 1-mm
    Distance sensor from 30-cm to 10-meters
    Excellent 2 Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
    Triggered operation yields real-time range data
    Free run operation with superior noise rejection 3
    Operating temperature range from -40°C to +65°C 7
    IP67 Rated