Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Rugged distance measurement.

Install in your grain silos, water tanks and dams to measure the distance down to the surface level and gauge capacity with a cost effective, simple to install ultrasonic sensor. Utilising the MaxBotix HRXL series, the ultrasonic ranger is an ideal solution for applications requiring precision range-finding, low-voltage operation, low-cost, and IP67 rating for weather resistance.

This sensor line features down to 1mm resolution, target-size and operating-voltage compensation for improved accuracy, superior rejection of outside noise sources, and internal speed-of-sound temperature compensation. Kit includes rugged aluminium housing, mounting bracket and 3m node cable.  Available in 5m or 10m range versions.



Tech Specs
Detection of targets out to 5-meters or 10-meters (two options available)
Resolution of down to 1mm
Free run operation with superior noise rejection
Operating temperature range from -40°C to +65°C
IP67 rated
Includes 3m node cable and mounting bracket


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