The Essentials

Base Station & Blue Node. The two elements that are transforming Ag Tech.

Base Station

Your gateway to an entirely connected farm.

The Base Station is the heart of your connected farm. It is connected to the internet via 3G, and actively listens for any Smart Elements sensors reporting via LoRa long range, low power radio technology. Super simple to setup and install, the base station creates your own network across your farm in minutes.

Blue Node

Providing low power connectivity to all sensors.

The Blue Node is a remarkable piece of engineering that allows you to set your sensors out in the field, and then not worry about checking them again for years. With cutting edge low power design, rugged body and connectors, and utilising the latest in long range communications, the Blue Node reports your sensor data back to the Cloud via the Base Station or an Existing LoRaWAN network without needing any complex setup – simply plug in your sensor and tighten the bracket bolt.

…plus Sensors

Select from a wide range of Ag sensors and probes.

Bits & Bobs

Solar kits, range testers, replacement antennas & brackets, and more.